4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before
Ordering Concrete In Wichita Falls, TX

The question of how to order concrete may seem straightforward. It’s picking up the phone or filling out an online form with a ready mix concrete supplier in Wichita Falls, TX, right? 

Well, almost. 

That’s why Diamond M Concrete highlights four questions to ask before ordering concrete. The reason is two-fold. First, it helps you have the information ready for our dispatcher when you contact us. Then, it helps us provide the exact amount when and where your construction project needs it.

1. Where Is The Construction Project Located?

Knowing the address for the project is part of the answer. The rest hinges on the location itself, such as is it in a development with unpaved roads? While our volumetric mixer can maneuver in and out of locations, it can weigh from 33,000 pounds to 70,000 pounds, depending on whether it’s full of aggregates and material or not.

2. How Much Volumetric Concrete Does My Project Need?

Because concrete is measured in cubic yards, you’ll need to know the volume of the project area to determine the necessary amount. Use our concrete calculator to begin, but understand this is simply a guideline. If your project changes, and you’ll need more or less, give us a call as soon as possible so our team can prepare.

3. What Kind Of Concrete Do I Need?

A patio requires a different kind of concrete than a parking lot. Knowing the purpose helps us decide what concrete strength is most appropriate for the purpose. A patio usually doesn’t support a large amount of weight, so the strength is lower than what a parking lot needs to support vehicles. But, don’t worry, our team has questions we’ll ask you that help ensure you receive the right kind of volumetric concrete.

4. When Do I Need The Concrete Delivered?

Ideally, schedule concrete delivery when you know it’ll be needed in the construction timeline. While our volumetric concrete mixers don’t begin mixing until they’re on-site, we need to know a date so your project — and others — stays on track. Keep in mind distance to the job site and travel time when scheduling a delivery time.
Freshly placed concrete inside a wooden form

Wichita Falls, TX, Volumetric Concrete Delivery

Whether you’ve never ordered concrete before, or you’re an old pro, Diamond M Concrete strives to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team works with each customer to learn about the project to provide high-quality volumetric concrete. Call us today to start!


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